My Songs



Here's the songs that Nashota has written and recorded. With each song there's a short story about how the song came to be and what it's about. Click the song title to open the music video in YouTube.


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"Change" is about the actual problems this world is encountering.

About violence, hatred, and polluting this world.

What will become of this world if people don't change?

Too much war and killing going on. No freedom, respect, or equality.

This song wants to tell people that we are all brothers and sisters, coming from - and living on - the same planet.

We are all part of the greater whole, and should unite in peace, love, and understanding.

Learn the truth about the cosmos, where we come from, the great mystery (The Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka).


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Each person who is being harrassed because of being different could sing these words. Or ... should say these words.

There is no use in undergoing attacks (mentally of physically) from people that are jealous, or hateful.

Time to stand up!

The song still tends to feel "lighthearted" to reach a lot of people, while still getting the message across.


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This song deals with the psychological problems people undergo when they are not accepted by others, because they don't fit the stereotype that society wants to push through. These can be people suffering from a visible or invisible disease, people having a different lifestyle, transgender people, and so many more ...

The music and the lyrics are trying to convey the confusion in people that are left alone, or getting isolated because of a lack of understanding by others. It makes you hear and feel the pain. A pain that can cause suicide. Urgent help and understanding is needed around the world, to give these people a fighting chance to a better life.